The secret of Sandalwood

This is the first of a few Sri Lanka-related updates I predict, but beauty-news worthy none-the-less. Upon a visit to the largest Buddhist museum in the world, situated in Kandy, we stumbled across a rather fetching statue of a Chinese Buddha made entirely of Sandalwood.

Not the actual Buddha we saw, just liked this picture.

Our tour guide proceeded to inform me that Sri Lankan women frequently use Sandalwood as a beauty remedy, which might not be big news, but it’s worth noting the array of benefits that Sandalwood brings to the table. Sri Lankan women, I am told, traditionally sand the wood down into powder and mix it with water to form a paste or face wash. The benefits are ample, some of which are: 

  • To act as a skin protector
  • Heal wounds and treat insect bites
  • Treat acne, blackheads, spots, itching and overly oily skin
  • Treat excessive sweating (mixed with rose water)
  • Use as a sunscreen (the red variety of Sandalwood)
  • Ease sunburn
  • Prevent prickly heat
  • Relieve headaches and fevers

…and last but not least, Sandalwood oil can act as an excellent nerve soother/stress reliever and all without the worry of nasty chemicals.

So, it’s safe to say that Sri Lankan women know a thing or two about how to attain beautiful skin the way it should be done – utilising one of the many wonderful products of the earth!


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