Are you feeding your skin?

I imagine I’d get a whole host of answers to this question but, for me, this is a constant challenge. Whether it’s ‘post-holiday dry’, ‘mid-winter chapped’ or ‘not enough sleep sallow’, I am constantly trying to give my skin what it needs to make it glow with a ‘Hello I’ve had plenty of sleep, sun and healthy greens’ kind of vibe. Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with skin that shines upon rising without a helping hand and yes I was one of those teenagers that got hit with pimples (and braces!) so this really has been a journey, one which has had some interesting personal findings that I thought I’d share in the hope to help a struggling epidermis or two out there.

Firstly, I recently discovered Weleda’s Skin food. Aptly named for such information sharing, this really is a gorgeous topical treat that provides great nourishment for the skin. Harnessing Weleda’s homeopathic roots to combine some wonderful natural ingredients and essential oils to form a repairing and protecting feast for the skin. I used this consistently on my Sri Lankan adventure, and have continued to keep it close to hand since coming back to the cold land of London. Don’t believe me? Ask Victoria Beckham, Adele or the countless other celebs that adulate this little green tube!

Evidence from Heat Magazine!

The rest I thought I’d list as simply as I can or I could have you reading all day:

  • CHINESE MEDICINE is a wonderful thing for many skin ailments. It got rid of my teenage pimples and can work wonders – it was my first step on my natural beauty journey and a great one.
  • Some products use chemicals that will keep your skin issues under control but they WILL NOT solve your problem – be as picky about what you put on your skin as what you choose to eat – it all gets absorbed and processed internally (I will blog more about this).
  • GREEN foods work wonders and don’t have to be time consuming or hard to find – spinach, kale and spring greens are all readily available to most of us and can be juiced or eaten for their Chlorophyllic fantasitcness (again more to come on green foods) helping to alkalise the body.
  • I LOVE CHOCOLATE and that’s ok…if I eat raw chocolate. Processed chocolate can tend to cause skin problems due to its high sugar, saturated fat and heat destruction of all the goodness of the precious Cacao. Raw chocolate, however, maintains all the antioxidants and countless nutritional compounds that actually HELP your skin glow.

These are just a small few, of many personal findings. Different things work for different bodies but I can almost guarantee that if you cut the chemicals, up the greens and go a little more raw where you can – your complexion and general health will see the benefits. Now all I need to do is swap the Dairy Milk I’ve just bitten into for a bunch of spinach…


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