SIX reasons

Nearly two years ago, a fabulous digital publication entered cyberspace – SIX Magazine. Its mission, above and beyond being fabulous, is to captivate and inspire those with a passion for fashion but with a consciousness for being Sustainable & Ethical (S&E).

As part of their mission to provide the latest and greatest in the world of S&E,  the aptly named ‘SIXologists’ also pride themselves on delivering up to the minute beauty news, including that of the organic, natural and chemical-free cosmetics industry.

As an aside to my recent feature on ‘Cleaning out the chemicals’, and as so many women I meet seem to shun the idea of chemical-free beauty for a whole plethora of reasons, I have decided to share my top SIX reasons for going chemical free. Here goes girls!

  1. Long term exposure of chemicals with carcinogenic qualities (like many found in every day cosmetics) can incur diseases such as cancer, allergies, anxiety and depression – to name a few.
  2. Chemical free beauty products refrain from the contribution of toxins to the body which have a huge effect on organ function, immunity, energy levels – the list goes on!
  3. Natural cosmetics are non-corrosive so they do not affect your nerve tissues, eyes or skin.
  4. Chemical laden products can cause irritations even if you do not normally have sensitive skin. Blood shot eyes? Red patchy skin? Not a good look and not comfortable!
  5. Your body is free to enjoy a healthier immune system from using chemical free products as it is not trying to fight off all those nasty toxins!
  6. For the pregnant ladies and yummy mummies – you will be protecting your growing babies and teeny tots early on.

To have a peek at the fabulous SIX Magazine for FREE, click on the logo below or go to


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