The Life of Pai

Not quite the tale of a young boy and a Bengal tiger, the author of this story is Sarah Brown rather than Yan Martel. Similarly obstacle ousting, however, Brown decided to set up Pai Organic Skincare following the development of a skin allergy and after being told the only solution was to take high strength anti-histamine tablets on a daily basis. Pah! So began the mission to treat the cause sensitively with cosmetics, rather than mask the symptoms.

Brown’s aim: to create the cleanest plant-based skin care on the market with a priority for people with sensitive skin.


Now thriving with a dazzling portfolio of products that cater for a whole manner of skin problems, Pai Organic Skincare is a notable favorite among many a beauty expert and rated number 1 organic skincare product by Grazia.

Well Pai, not Pie, but you get my point. Don't you?

Well Pai, not Pie, but you get my point. Don’t you?

Why am I so mad about Pai at the moment?

If you’re anything like me cold weather, well, tends to ‘weather’ my skin to say the least and I find a lot of cleansing products can parch the skin even more. While I want to make sure the daily grit of the big city is well and truly removed before my head hits the pillow, I needed something that wasn’t going to create a drought across the landscape of my epidermis so I turned to the lovely Camelia & Rose gentle hydrating cleanser (£25 for 100ml – includes Muslin cloth).camellia_rose_NewPackagingNative to Japan and extracted from the Camelia seed, Camelia oil is extremely rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E and Polyphenol – all vital in protecting the skin from sun damage and free radicals (ideal with Spring around the corner!).

This coupled with rose for its excellent  treatment of dry, sensitive or aging skin, rounded off with a gorgeous exfoliating muslin cloth and we have a recipe for revival. This cleanser leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean, hydrated and really soft.

I urge anyone with suffering skin to visit – well worth the investment!


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